Jewelry 101: Know Your Silver Jewelry Inside Out!

Jewelry 101: Know Your Silver Jewelry Inside Out!

Today, we're diving deep into the world of all things silver. From the .925 concept to the meaning of Rhodium plating, we hope to help you truly understand all the buzz words about silver jewelry.


  1. What is .925 Sterling Silver?

When it comes to silver jewelry, you may have come across the mysterious .925 stamp. So, what's the fuss all about? The .925 stamp signifies the purity of silver used in your jewelry. At Boston Bay Diamonds, we take pride in crafting our silver pieces with 92.5% pure silver, also known as Sterling Silver. The remaining 7.5% is often a blend of other metals, adding strength and durability to your treasures. So, when you spot that .925, rest assured that your jewelry is crafted with the finest quality of silver, ensuring timeless beauty and longevity.


  1. What is Rhodium Plating?

Ever wondered how some silver jewelry pieces glisten with an otherworldly brilliance? That's where Rhodium plating works its enchanting magic! Rhodium, a rare and precious metal from the Platinum family, is used to coat silver jewelry, adding a lustrous white shine to its surface. Not only does Rhodium plating enhance the allure of your jewelry, but it also offers protection against tarnishing and scratches. So, when you want your silver pieces to shine like a dazzling moonbeam, Rhodium plating is the secret behind that glow!


  1. What are the different silver finishes?

Just like your unique style, silver jewelry comes in many ways of finishes, each adding its own charm to your treasures.

Polished Finish: Picture-perfect shine! Polished silver exudes a radiant glow, making it a classic and timeless choice.

Matte Finish: this finish adds an understated elegance to your jewelry, perfect for a touch of modern flair.

Oxidized Finish: For the antique lovers! Oxidized silver creates a vintage look with darkened crevices, accentuating intricate details.

Hammered Finish: Embrace texture! Hammered silver boasts a unique, artisanal appearance, perfect for those who crave one-of-a-kind pieces.

Brushed Finish: A touch of subtle drama! Brushed silver showcases delicate, parallel lines, adding a touch of intrigue to your jewelry.



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